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This is our main product and specialty. It is made from Manganese Bronze, Aluminum Bronze and Copper-Nickel Alloys. These are top quality compatible materials for marine propellers. Good speed, low fuel consumption and longer life are the main advantages of our propellers. We do in-house designing and development of the marine propeller right from the grass root level. A unique custom-made propeller can be developed if the data of the boat, engine and gear ratio is provided. CAD computer software is used to design the propeller. Pattern of the designed propeller is then skillfully crafted and a casting is made with the best know molding method. The casting is machined and finished as per the specifications. Balancing of the propeller is done on special purpose computerized propeller dynamic balancing machine to get absolute vibration free performance.

4 Bladed Propeller

LH Kort Nozzle Propeller

RH Kort Nozzle Propeller

LH Skewed Propeller
For you to order/enquire about a propeller, we at least need the engine horsepower, rpm and the reduction gear ratio. Our prices are extremely competitive and the quality will be absolutely top class.


Max. Diameter : 96"(2.4m)
Pitch Ratio : 0.4 to 1.5
D.A.R. : 0.3 to 1.2
No. of blades : 3/4/5
Max. Weight : 1000 kg.

RH Skewed Propeller


Speed Boat 3 Bladed Propeller
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