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Propeller Shaft
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Propeller shaft

These items are used as tail shafts for the propellers. They are manufactured from best quality marine stainless steels namely AISI-316 or AISI-304. On one end of the shaft, a tapered cone with bronze nut is provided to fit the propeller. On the other end a forged steel coupling is fitted to match the engine gearbox. The shafts are machined between centers on big 20 feet precision lathes for perfect straightness/thruness and accuracy. These shafts give excellent performance and after many years on service in seawater are found to be in excellent condition. For fitting and assembly there is absolutely no problem in these shafts. Just put on the propeller or the coupling, tighten the nut and within a few minutes the assembly is ready for use. Absolutely no problem in fitting or maintenance of our equipment.


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