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Marine Winch Front View
Marine Winch side view

We manufacture trawl and mooring winches used to pull the fishing net, anchor or and any other heavy load. Extremely heavy duty and top class products. Once it's fitted, no need for any maintenance for several years. Very tough and strong design. Users vote our trawl winch as the no.1 winch for trawling type of fishing.

Power to the winch gearbox can be supplied through the main engine or a separate dedicated engine can be provided exclusively for the winch.
A complete unit of the winch along with the prime mover engine is also available.

Types : 1) Mechanical 2) Hydraulic

Mechanical :

Mechanical rotary motion is supplied to the worm reduction gear box for actuating the winch. This rotary input motion can be tapped from the main prime mover i.e. the engine by means of a power take-off & transmitted by power transmission devices like 'V' belts. Separate dedicated prime mover like I.C. Engine can also be coupled with the winch gear box.

Hydraulic :
Wide ranging options of automation & versatility of controls is a major advantage of a sophisticated machine. Hydraulic power-pack with the hydraulic motor imparts rotary motion to the main shaft of the winch. Oil pressure line from the central or auxiliary supply can also be connected to the hydraulic motor. Winch can be remotely operated from the lever of the actuating valve controlling flow of oil to the hydraulic motor.
    Gear-Box :
Heavy duty worm reduction gearing provides high torque rotary motion to the main shaft. Rigid gearbox body is of graded C.I. casting. Worm shaft along with worm is one-piece solid hardened EN-24 & worm gear of Phosphor Bronze PB-2 (S.A.E.-65) material.
    Main Shaft
    EN-8 shaft with the optional arrangement of disposable sleeves at the bush bearing locations can be provided
    Drum :
    Rigid & sturdy steel welded fabrication with phosphor bronze (PB-1) bushes. Operation is by means of a hand operated four jaw positive clutch.
    Brake :
Anchorage lever type, single screw, hand wheel operated band brake. Anchorage lever arrangement in combination with the screw threads give higher mechanical advantage of applying much greater radial pressure on the brake drum & thus has greater braking torque capacity. Brake drum is made of graded C.I. casting. Steel Brake bands with brass reinforced asbestos brake lining are provided.
    Capstan :
    Heavy & rigid capstans of graded C.I., assembled on either sides of the winch can be used for general hauling around the deck.
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